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Templates & assets

Templates & assets

The following templates and assets are available to UCOP employees via this Box folder:

If you're a member of the wider UC community and wish to gain access to these assets please contact the UCOP Marketing Communications team.

UCOP Photo library

To view approved photography please visit the UCOP digital asset management system at

All UCOP staff must register before access to the library is granted.

Using existing photography:

  1. Images may be cropped
  2. Do not reduce image size to such an extent as to minimize impact
  3. Allow plenty of white space around the images
  4. Do not color-correct the images
  5. Please adhere to the university's terms and conditions

UCOP lockup

When using an Office of the President division, department or program name with the University of California wordmark, the name must appear stacked and 4x distance away from the wordmark.

  1. Units may not use their unit name without University of California appearing in its designated orientation.
  2. Units within or administered by the Office of the President may not create independent lockups unless approval has been granted by Marketing Communications.

Please contact the UCOP Marketing Communications team to request a lockup.

Lockup example with two-line department
Wordmark, department title (two-line)
Lockup example with three-line department
Wordmark, department title (three-line)