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Social media

Social media

Social media is an excellent opportunity to build the University of California brand and connect to the public. It’s an extremely useful tool for storytelling, disseminating news and information, spurring action, demonstrating thought leadership and having conversations.

Managing social media requires a clear strategy, editorial plan and resources, including devoted staff time. Without proper thought and attention, you will not achieve your communication goals and could even undermine them. Poorly managed social media accounts also reflect badly upon the University of California and its brand and can have unintended consequences for UC’s reputation.

University of California social media pages:


For more detailed guidelines and best practices, please contact UCOP's social media manager.

Social media permissions

Approval for a new social media account

Creating a social media account for a UCOP department, division or program requires approval of the Chief Marketing Officer. They will evaluate whether social media will be effective in meeting your objectives and will properly reflect the university system’s values. If you do not gain prior approval, they may request the removal of the social media account. Once approved, the social media account will be added to the system’s directory.