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While our promise to Californians centers on research, excellence and a commitment to California, our positioning statement shows that the University and California are inextricably tied in a symbiotic relationship.

We make each other more valuable. Our futures are dependent upon each other.

Our positioning statement highlights our uniqueness. It identifies how critical we are to California. It helps all audiences understand what to seek within our services, and it increases the perceived value and urgency of supporting UC now and in the years to come.

Our positioning statement:


Boldly Californian

UC embodies the ambition of California and ignites the potential of its people.

California is a land of transformation. The seismic shifts in technology, culture and creativity that begin here ripple through the nation and the world.

Our UC system is both a creation of, and the catalyst for, this forward-looking spirit. Only UC has the unrivaled depth and breadth of excellence necessary to fully fuel the state’s dynamic growth and desire for progress.

Every day our people boldly combine the visionary and the practical. We produce the discoveries, leaders and services that create new opportunities for the largest, most diverse and dynamic state in the nation.