First impressions matter and video is no exception.

The first five seconds or less of a video are the most critical to capture an audience’s attention. This may seem daunting, but if done right, video is a very powerful storytelling tool and one of the most effective ways to showcase the UC brand.

A model human skull and brain, showing the brain jiggling around when impacted.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but video—with its first-person narratives and evocative imagery—can be priceless in the quest to emotionally connect with an audience. Videos are multifaceted—they can be funny, moving or thought-provoking. Being a sensory-rich medium, it’s important to think about how your visuals complement the story that’s being told.


The UC brand exudes light, projects curiosity and boldness, and imparts an element of surprise. When filming, be thoughtful about lighting (natural and artificial) and the composition of the image. Experiment with how you frame your shot and see if there is a more unique or surprising way to capture a scene.

Editing and storytelling

A well-edited video should feel seamless and succinct to viewers, with nothing lingering on screen longer than necessary. Brisk pacing is punctuated with moments of whimsy and balanced with relatability. Interviewees and hosts are authentic and multidimensional, and topics reflect the excitement of discovery and the breadth of life in and around the university.

Motion graphics

The use of striking graphics and eye-catching animation is a great way to emphasize UC’s bold identify and vibrant color palette. Graphics can also be used to effectively break down otherwise complex topics.


Your video is beautifully shot with smooth edits and on-brand, integrated graphics... and then your narrator or interviewee begins to tell an illuminating story. Uh-oh. Someone forgot to use an external microphone. Nothing kills an otherwise polished piece more quickly than a poor audio recording. So, don’t skimp on this part.

Avoid using a camera’s internal microphone and invest in a lavalier or overhead shotgun mic. Record in a quiet location and always use headphones.