Photographic style

Photography provides not just a quick representation of life at the university but serves as a powerful catalyst for a richer emotional attachment to the institution.

UC's photography shows the breadth of life in and around the university and its medical centers and labs. With a controlled color palette focusing on blue and yellow coupled with an emphasis on “lightness,” UC's photography reinforces the idea of “let there be light” with a modern edge. UC photography should seek the unexpected, and reveal the excitement and energy of discovery and transformation.

The UCOP photography library can be viewed at

Creating new photography

Photography, while expensive, can dramatically alter the effectiveness of your communication vehicles. It also is a key component of UC's memorability and recognizability.

  1. Follow the look and feel of UC's existing photography.
  2. Seek active and unexpected shots.
  3. Control the photographic color palette to achieve a bright, airy and modern feel, with emphasis on blue and gold.