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University of California

Brand Guidelines

Why brand matters

What is a brand?

A brand—our brand—is the intersection of what we say about ourselves, how we act, and what people think of us.


Does brand matter?

We all must be good stewards of the UC brand. Being mindful of how we use and express the UC brand allows the university to grow and flourish.

UC is a dynamic, complex and important institution to represent.
The brand is how the university's contributions and values can be more easily understood. It's that simple.


Not just a university

What isn't simple is ensuring that what we say, what we do and what people believe are in sync.

UC is not just a university, contributing educated graduates to California, but
a place in perpetual motion, igniting
the potential of California and its citizens through its research,
excellence and scale.

How can UC's brand embody all these attributes? It’s the tone, attitude and actions of the institution, both internally and externally. The brand is made visible through every word, image and gesture. To represent the incredible diversity, breadth and depth of the university, UC’s identity is comprised of several parts, resulting in a very flexible and dynamic system.

Every piece of the identity—visually and editorially—has been carefully designed to work alone and together, creating a recognizable “UC vocabulary.”