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University of California

Brand Guidelines

Identity elements

The wordmark

The official UC wordmark is the approved relationship between the words “University,” “of,” and “California” offered in two configurations. Using Kievet—a contemporary typeface built upon the “bones” of 16th-century humanistic typefaces—the wordmark is rooted in the past but pointedly contemporary.

  1. Use the single-line treatment only when demanded by space or design constraints; otherwise, use the three-line treatment.
  2. Typography is always left aligned.

University of California Wordmark Logo

University of California Wordmark Logo single line

Wordmark variations

Block variations of the UC wordmark in fill and stroke can be used in instances where a little more weight is required.

University of California Wordmark Logo with blocks


To ensure legibility and recognizability, our wordmark must have a minimum clearspace around it.

  1. In most cases, the University of California wordmark should be of equal prominence to any other brands with which it is shown.
  2. Allow for adequate space around the wordmark when used in conjunction with other identifiers.
  3. Do not place other identifiers closer than the equivalent of the width of 1/2 the wordmark.

UC Wordmark Clearspace


When using an Office of the President division, department or initiative name with the wordmark, the name of said unit must appear stacked and 4x distance away from the wordmark.

  1. Units may not use their unit name without “University of California” appearing in its designated orientation.
  2. Units within or administered by the Office of the President may not create independent logos unless approval has been granted by Communications.

Please contact Communications at to request a subbrand lock-up.

UC Departments Grid

UC Department Example 1

UC Department Example 2

Inappropriate usage

Even in the most flexible and dynamic visual system, guidelines and consistency are critical to ensure we understand who we are. Here, we offer guidelines on what not to do with UC's lock-up.

  1. Do not change the font of the wordmark.
  2. Do not center the wordmark.
  3. Do not change the space between the words “University” “of” and “California.”
  4. Drop shadows and other typographic effects may not be added to the monogram or wordmark.
  5. For subbrand lock-ups, do not repeat "University of California".
  6. Do not use a 'light' font weight of Kievit. Our subbrand lock-ups are set in 'book'.

Inappropriate Usage 1

Inappropriate Usage 2

Inappropriate Usage 3

Inappropriate Usage 4

Inappropriate Usage 5

Inappropriate Usage 6