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University of California

Brand Guidelines


The vision

How does UC envision the future of higher education?

  • We envision a which America's research universities provide the breakthroughs that fuel our nation's leadership in science, humanities, technology and innovation.
  • We envision a nation...that benefits from the researchers, educators, entrepreneurs and leaders developed by the University of California.
  • We envision a state...that offers world-class education to its citizenry who offer dynamic potential through their diverse cultural, ethnic and economic backgrounds.
  • We envision a university system...that is academically rigorous, culturally thriving, committed to excellence and continuously exploring new ideas—an institution that leads the way in the creation of new knowledge and reaches out in myriad ways to improve the lives of all Californians.

What role does UC envision playing in the future of higher education and California?

  1. We see a partnership...between UC and California leading toward a state where people from all social, ethnic and economic backgrounds are prepared to succeed—based on their merit, ambition and hard work.
  2. We see a state...powered by a populace whose leaders have the wisdom, perspective and cross-cultural competence to lead us forward positively, and whose entrepreneurs and globally competitive knowledge workers are continuously creating new ideas, technologies, companies and jobs.
  3. We see a university system...that leads the nation and the world in the creation of new knowledge—in the physical and social sciences, arts and humanities, healthcare, technology, energy, agriculture, climate change and the sustainable management of natural resources.
  4. We see a vibrant community...of committed scholars, campuses, programs and alumni, working together to face the global challenges of the 21st century, to create a healthy and just society, to enhance the state's prosperity and to improve the culture and quality of life for all Californians.



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The promise

The UC system promises to demonstrate its public value by showing the way for the state, the nation and
the world through a commitment to research, excellence and California.


The positioning

Boldly Californian.

UC embodies the ambition of California and ignites the potential of its people.


Brand Attributes

  1. Visionary.
  2. Experimental.
  3. Optimistic.
  4. Awe-Inspiring.
  5. Essential.
  6. Audacious.
  7. Pioneering.
  8. Proven.

Everything we say and do should embody these traits.

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